What We Do

We work closely with architects, general contractors, developers, building owners, and other engineering firms to:
  • Analyze and Problem Solve for your project proposal, looking at materials needed, cost-effectiveness, and project parameters
  • Determine the Requirements for gravitational and lateral systems to ensure your structure is safe and able to stand the test of time and the elements
  • Provide Efficient Alternatives to the design structure that may be more cost effective
  • Assess & Recommend Repairs as needed if any problems arise, big or small

Licensing & Experience

As a PE (Professional Engineer) and SE (Structural Engineer) licensed engineer, Brandon is licensed at the highest standard of competence in the engineering profession, which allows him to utilize his skill set anywhere in the country.

Meet Our Founder

Brandon Hardin, PE, SE
Lead Structural Engineer and Founder of Hardin Engineering

Hands-On Experience

Brandon’s dad and grandpa were iron workers when he was growing up, so he was exposed to structural construction early and enjoyed the idea of putting a building together. This lead to him earning an associate’s degree from Linn State Technical College and then landing a gig at a steel fabrication company in North Kansas City, MO.

As a technician in the fabrication industry, Brandon detailed out engineer’s structural drawings ensuring everything fit and would be fabricated correctly. At that point, he figured, “Might as well learn how to design the buildings too…” prompting his BS in Civil Engineering from the University of Missouri in Kansas City.

Entrepreneur and Family Man

Through his business planning course work his junior year at UMKC, Brandon developed a taste for entrepreneurship. But he understood while college courses earn you the necessary degree, they don’t teach much more than the basics.

Brandon’s 10+ years of experience at multiple Kansas City Engineering firms gave him confidence to found Hardin Structural Engineering in Mid Missouri.  “The move from Kansas City, a rich engineering metropolis to Mid Missouri was a difficult decision for me.  However, as a family, it was a much easier decision to make as it allows our family to be closer to relatives and spend time with those we cherish.”

The benefit of providing engineering consulting and being centrally located in Missouri allows us to provide our services to current and future partners throughout the state and region.

Regardless of location our reach is unlimited:

  • We can service areas who need more structural engineers. Cities like Kansas City and Saint Louis are rich with Engineers. Staying centrally located allows us to provide structural engineering services to areas lacking professionals in this industry but also allows us to work with professionals in all areas of the state.
  • With technology advancing daily, we are able to work with out-of-state partners by sharing plans, holding meetings, and collaborating with partners online.